Easy-to-clean magnetic grid

Easy-to-clean magnetic grid

Description of Easy-to-Clean Magnetic Grid

The size of the product can be based on the N-type, and the maximum magnetic field is 8000GS.
Advantages: Easy to Clean

The Easy-to-Clean Magnetic Grid features

  1. No energy consumption, no pollution, simple structure, and convenient use. 
  2. The magnetic spacing is designed meticulously, allowing for full contact between the material and the magnetic rod, resulting in good iron removal effect. 
  3. The sleeve design is adopted for easy iron removal. 
  4. The magnetic force can reach up to 8000GS. 
  5. The shape, size, and layers of the magnetic frame are designed according to the hopper, with a close fit. 
  6. The specifications and quantity of the magnetic rods are customized according to the material characteristics. 
  7. The equipment body is made of stainless steel material, SUS304 or SUS316L. 
  8. Customization is available based on provided drawings.

Application Fields:

The Easy-to-Clean Magnetic Grid is installed or simply placed in storage bins, drawer boxes, hoppers, and other places to capture and remove iron filings, iron chips, and other metallic substances. It should be noted that it is particularly suitable for use with high-wear materials.


Free material testing is provided to offer design and customization solutions based on test results and work environment.

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Easy-to-clean magnetic grid

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