Magnetic separator in steel industry

A magnetic separator is a device commonly used in the steel industry, mainly used for purifying casting materials, recovering metals, extracting ores, and filtering and purifying in the steelmaking process.

In the casting industry, magnetic separators can be used to recover metals from casting materials and purify sand materials to ensure casting quality.

In mineral extraction, magnetic separators are suitable for the extraction and separation of black metal minerals, non-ferrous metal minerals, and precious metal ores.

In the filtering and purifying of the steelmaking process, magnetic separators can be an important component of the filtering and purifying system, effectively separating and removing iron and oil from the surface of steel to improve production efficiency and product quality.

For example, in response to the frequent need to replace alkali in the alkaline solution circulation tank during the cleaning process of a cold-rolled and annealed unit, a magnetic separator enterprise successfully achieved an 80% iron removal rate and a 50% oil removal rate by adopting the scheme of electromagnetic separator and composite filter, which ran stably for one year and reduced production costs and environmental costs.

As for magnetic separator products, suspended magnetic separators, magnetic pulleys, strongest magnetic roller separators, and slurry electromagnetic separators are commonly used equipment and can be selected according to different needs.

Magnetic separator in steel industry

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