Magnetic separator in food and medicine industry

Modern machinery operations are essential in modern agriculture, food, and pharmaceutical production. However, during the mechanical processing and production processes, other impurities or metal powders may be mixed into the materials, which can affect the quality and safety of the products. Therefore, magnetic separators have become a common tool in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The application scope of magnetic separators is very wide, mainly including the following aspects:

Food processing: Metal powders may be mixed into foods such as flour, starch, candy, chocolate, milk powder, biscuits, instant noodles, and cakes, so magnetic separators are needed to remove them. In addition, spice processing, beverage and oil industries also need to use magnetic separators.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing: Impurities need to be removed from Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese medicinal slices, Chinese patent medicines, chemical raw materials and preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs and other pharmaceutical products to ensure product quality and safety.

Crop screening: Magnetic separation principles can be used to remove soil from crops such as soybeans, peanuts, and coffee beans. In addition, magnetic separators can also be used for the screening of seeds such as cottonseeds and flaxseeds.

To meet the needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries, magnetic separator products have the following features:

Automatically remove ferromagnetic powders, particles, and iron oxide, with semi-automatic or fully automatic functions, and can quickly and efficiently remove impurities.

Able to capture small weakly magnetic impurities to ensure product quality.

Able to ensure the safety of subsequent production lines and prevent impurities from entering downstream production processes.

Common magnetic separator products include magnetic bars, magnetic grids, drawer-type magnetic separators, rotary magnetic separators, liquid permanent magnetic filters, the strongest magnetic roller separator, and slurry electromagnetic separators, etc. Different products are suitable for different production environments and needs, and suitable products can be chosen according to actual situations.

Magnetic separator in food and medicine industry

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