Easy-to-clean drawer magnetic separator

Easy-to-clean drawer magnetic separator

Easy-to-clean drawer magnetic separator features:

  1. No energy consumption, no pollution, simple structure, and easy installation.
  2. The magnetic spacing is designed meticulously and has excellent iron removal effect.
  3. The maximum magnetic force can reach 12000GS.
  4. The upper and lower interfaces can be designed as standard flanges or square interfaces, which facilitates the installation of various pipelines to the greatest extent.
  5. According to the material characteristics, the magnetic bracket can be configured as a single layer, double layer, or multi-layer.
  6. The equipment is made of stainless steel material, SUS304 or SUS316L.
  7. Customization is available based on the provided drawings.

Application fields of Easy-to-clean drawer magnetic separator:

The Drawer Magnetic Separator is widely used in various fields such as ceramics, chemical industry, plastics, rubber, dyes, mining, environmental protection, etc. It is used to remove ferromagnetic impurities from dry powder, flake, granular and other materials, such as sugar, grains, tea, etc.

Parameter of Easy-to-clean drawer magnetic separator:

Model Flange model A B D H Number of the magnetic grid layers Number of magnetic rods
SF100 DN100 160 160 Ø110 400/500  2/3  5/8
SF150 DN150 220 220 Ø161 400/500  2/3  2/3
SF200 DN200 270 270 Ø222 400/500  2/3  2/3
SF250 DN250 330 330 Ø276 400/500  2/3  2/3
SF300 DN300 380 380 Ø328 400/500  2/3  2/3


Free material testing is provided to offer design and customization solutions based on test results and work environment.

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Easy-to-clean drawer magnetic separator

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