Pipeline Fluid magnetic separator

Pipeline Fluid magnetic separator

Pipeline fluid magnetic separator product description:

The Pipeline Fluid Magnetic Separator, also referred to as the Magnetic Slurry Filter or Magnetic Slurry Magnetic Separator, is mainly designed for liquid, fluid, semi-fluid, and other materials with varying viscosities. It is used to remove iron and magnetic impurities from raw materials. It finds widespread application in industries such as ceramics, electronics, metallurgy, mining, plastics, chemicals, rubber, pharmaceuticals, food, environmental protection, pigments, dyes, and more. The design is optimized to provide efficient iron and magnetic impurity removal.


  1. This equipment has no energy consumption, produces no pollution, has a simple structure, and is easy to install.
  2. The magnetic spacing is carefully designed for effective iron removal with layered filtering, and the maximum magnetic force can reach 12000 GS.
  3. The left and right interfaces are designed as standard flange interfaces to facilitate installation on various pipelines.
  4. The design uses bolts, clamps, and buckles for quick installation, removal, and cleaning of iron and magnetic impurities, while meeting various pressure requirements.
  5. The specifications and quantity of the magnetic rods are customized based on the material characteristics.
  6. The equipment is made entirely of stainless steel material, either SUS304 or SUS316L.
  7. Customization is available based on provided drawings.

Pipeline fluid iron remover equipment parameters:

Model Flange model A B C D E F Number of magnetic rods
SL159 DN32 159 230 80 39 85 150 5
DN40 46
DN50 59
DN65 78
DN80 91
SL219 DN65 219 300 100 78 115 190 7
DN80 91
DN100 110


Free material testing is provided to offer design and customization solutions based on test results and work environment.

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Pipeline Fluid magnetic separator

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