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Sunight Magnetics as a company specialized in the field of magnetic separation technology with many years of experience and professional knowledge, providing customers with comprehensive services. Whether it's material testing, program design or equipment manufacturing, Sunight Magnetics can provide professional, efficient and reliable services.

In terms of material testing, Sunight Magnetics can provide various types of testing machines. By testing and analyzing materials, reasonable planning and evaluation can be made based on magnetic separation requirements and needs, providing customers with the best magnetic separation solution. At the same time, Sunight Magnetics' professional team can also analyze various factors that affect the effect, helping customers overcome bottlenecks and achieve efficient and economical magnetic separation solutions.

In terms of program design, Sunight Magnetics has rich engineering and technical experience, able to collect and analyze design parameters and provide professional magnetic separation solutions to meet complex challenges for customers. Meanwhile, Sunight Magnetics can also consider the equipment's position on the production line, equipment space design, and safety design, ensuring the most economical and effective design solution.

In terms of equipment manufacturing, Sunight Magnetics has multiple manufacturing advantages. Firstly, Sunight Magnetics conducts manufacturing design in advance to improve construction capabilities. Secondly, Sunight Magnetics adopts modular and unique designs, which can improve production efficiency and quality. In addition, Sunight Magnetics also has the ability to independently produce raw material magnets, which can control the production cycle and quality. At the same time, Sunight Magnetics' supply chain is stable, able to accelerate logistics and ensure timely delivery of equipment. In terms of quality control and quality assurance, Sunight Magnetics also has strict processes and standards to ensure the quality and performance of equipment. Additionally, Sunight Magnetics provides installation guidance and quality assurance services to ensure normal equipment operation and customer satisfaction.