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Research, produce, process industrial magnets for 12 years.

Shanghai Sunight Magnetics Co., Ltd.

Established in 2012, SMI specializes in custom magnetic separator and solutions, boasting over 12 years of expertise in the field. We develop, produce, process, and sell permanent magnetic iron removal equipment and solutions, including magnetic rods, plates, grids, powder and slurry iron removers, and magnetic separators. Our products serve various industries, such as electronics, healthcare, ceramics, and food, to name a few. Our equipment can be tailored to customer specifications and drawings. With rich experience and knowledge, SMI is your go-to for all your industrial magnetic needs.

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Widely applied in various fields and scenarios, including electronics, electrical machinery, hardware, healthcare, medical, ceramics, chemical, food, plastics, building materials, metallurgy, mining, and more.

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We have been dedicated to providing custom iron removal equipment and solutions, making us a leading brand in the industry.

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How to choose an industrial magnetic plate?

Industrial magnetic plates are used to separate material

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Measures ensure permanent magnet pipeline separator effectiveness.

The permanent magnet pipeline iron remover can quickly a

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Classification introduction of Magnetic separator

The magnetic separator is a safety device that can remov


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Magnetic separation technology has wide applications in mining and other fields, and can be used for impurity removal, mineral separation, metal recovery, and more. Sunight Magnetics is a company specializing in the field of magnetic separation technology, with years of experience and professional knowledge. They are able to provide customers with comprehensive services, including material testing, scheme design, equipment manufacturing, and more.