Magnetic filter bars

Magnetic filter bars

Magnetic rod features:

  1. No energy consumption, no pollution, simple structure, easy to use.
  2. Strong magnetic force and long service life.
  3. The magnetic spacing is carefully designed to make the material fully contact with the magnetic rod, and the iron removal effect is good.
  4. The magnetic force can reach up to 13000GS.
  5. The normal working temperature is ≤80°C. Under special requirements, the maximum working temperature is as high as 350°C.
  6. The shape and length of the magnetic rod can be customized according to the requirements of use. Both ends can be in the form of flat ends, round ends, threads, screw holes, handles, etc.
  7. The whole body of the magnetic rod is made of stainless steel, SUS304 or SUS316L.
  8. It can be customized according to the drawing.

Application fields:

Magnetic rod, also known as magnetic filter rod, strong magnetic rod or magnetic filter, is mainly used to remove ferromagnetic impurities in powder, granular and liquid or slurry, widely used in ceramics, electric power, mining, plastics, chemicals, rubber, pharmaceuticals, food, environmental protection, pigments, dyes, electronics, metallurgy and other industries.

The following table is the corresponding relationship between product diameter, magnetic strength and maximum working temperature

There are six types of temperature resistance: ①N: below 80°C; ②M: below 100°C; ③H: below 120°C; ④SH: below 150°C; ⑤UH: below 180°C. ⑥EH: Below 200℃

Model 4000GS 5000GS 6000GS 7000GS 8000GS 10000GS 11000GS 12000GS
Ø6 √UH         - -  
Ø8 √UH              
Ø9 √UH              
Ø10 √UH              
Ø12 √UH √UH            
Ø16 √UH √UH √UH          
Ø19 √UH √UH √UH √UH        
Ø22 √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH   -  
Ø25 √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √N √N
Ø32 √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √N √N
Ø38 √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √N √N
Ø50 √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √N √N
Ø63 √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √N √N
Ø76 √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √N √N
Ø100 √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √UH √N √N


Free material testing is provided to offer design and customization solutions based on test results and work environment.

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Magnetic filter bars

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