Rotary powder magnetic separator

Rotary powder magnetic separator

Features of rotary powder magnetic separator:

  1. This equipment boasts excellent sealing, is free of pollution, has a simple structure, and is easy to install. 
  2. The rotating design prevents material from clumping, bridging, or blocking. 
  3. The magnetic spacing is carefully designed to ensure full contact between the material and the magnetic bar, resulting in excellent iron removal efficiency. 
  4. The magnetic force can reach a maximum of 12,000GS.
  5. The upper and lower interfaces can be designed with standard flanges or square interfaces to facilitate installation on various pipelines. 
  6. The specifications and quantity of magnetic bars can be customized according to the material characteristics. 
  7. The equipment is made of stainless steel, either SUS304 or SUS316L.
  8. Customization based on provided drawings is available.

Application fields of rotary powder magnetic separator:

The rotary powder magnetic separator is an essential tool in a wide range of industries, including construction materials, chemical manufacturing, coal mining, food processing, refractory materials production, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This versatile device is particularly effective for removing iron impurities from powdery or granular materials that have a tendency to clump together, bridge, or block equipment.

The benefits of using a rotary powder magnetic separator are many. It is an excellent choice for removing ferromagnetic impurities from viscous or poorly fluid materials, preventing damage to equipment and ensuring the quality of finished products. In addition, it is a highly efficient and cost-effective method of iron removal, with minimal energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Overall, the rotary powder magnetic separator is a reliable and efficient solution for the iron removal needs of a wide range of industries. Its ability to effectively remove ferromagnetic impurities from difficult-to-handle materials makes it a valuable asset in any processing facility.


Free material testing is provided to offer design and customization solutions based on test results and work environment.

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Rotary powder magnetic separator

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