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Classification introduction of Magnetic separator

The magnetic separator is a safety device that can remove ferromagnetic debris from the moving material in the next process, purify the material, improve the material grade, or protect the equipment.

Magnetic separator equipment can be classified into electromagnetic and permanent magnet types according to their magnetic fields, and into hanging automatic iron discharge and hanging manual iron discharge according to their structures. They can also be divided into non-magnetic material iron removers and magnetic material iron removers according to the type of material being processed. They can be further divided into ordinary magnetic field iron removal and super magnet according to the magnetic field strength. For electromagnetic iron removers, there are several cooling methods, including self-cooling, air-cooling, and oil-cooling.

The suspended magnetic type magnetic separator is a common type of iron remover. When there is a small amount of iron, a general magnetic separator is used, and when there is a large amount of iron, a belt-type iron remover is used. The ordinary iron remover uses the current of the power-off electromagnet to remove iron, and the belt-type iron remover removes iron through a belt device.